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Aluminum Plate

Applications: aluminum-plastic plate, lamp material, capacitor shell, road signs, building facades and so on
6063 Aluninum Plate6063 Aluninum Plate6063 Aluninum Plate6063 Aluninum Plate

6063 Aluninum Plate

Application :high-speed bus body structure materials, automotive engine parts and so on
From quantitative: 3 ton


6063 alloy aluminum plate for the Al-Mg-Si high plasticity alloy, with excellent processing performance, excellent weldability, extrusion and plating, good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing, the coating, anodizing The effect is excellent, is a typical extrusion alloy. 


Typical alloys

6063 Aluninum Plate

Typical alloys

O, T4, T6, T651







Typical products

high-speed bus body structure materials, automotive engine parts and so on


1, heat treatment to strengthen, impact toughness, the gap is not sensitive.
2, after processing the surface is very smooth, and easy anodizing and coloring;
3, excellent welding properties and corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency in the heat treatment can strengthen the type of aluminum alloy, Al-Mg-Si alloy is the only found no stress corrosion cracking of the alloy.

Market Application

6063 aluminum plate mainly used for building profiles, printing plate, industrial radiators, irrigation pipes and for vehicles, furniture, fences and other extrusion materials; high-speed bus body structure materials, automotive engine parts, car wheels hub and so on.

High-speed bus body structure materialsHigh-speed bus body structure materials Car wheels hubCar wheels hub Industrial radiators Industrial radiators Printing platePrinting plate

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