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Aluminum Plate

Applications: aluminum-plastic plate, lamp material, capacitor shell, road signs, building facades and so on
6061 Aluminum Plate6061 Aluminum Plate6061 Aluminum Plate6061 Aluminum Plate

6061 Aluminum Plate

Application :Yacht construction,automotive parts and so on
From quantitative: 3 ton


6061 aluminum plate belongs to 6 series aluminum magnesium silicon alloy products, is the heat treatment pre-stretching process made of high-quality aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum alloy in the main elements of magnesium and silicon. T61, T6, and T651 are the common states of the 6061 aluminum plate. Among them, the T651 alloy is formed on the basis of the T6 state, which is formed after eliminating the internal stress, which is more suitable for forming.


Typical alloys

6061 Aluminum Plate

Material status

O, T4, T6, T651







Typical products

Mobile phone shell, mobile phone board, card slot and so on

1,6061 aluminum plate with excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and deformation after processing, easy coating, good oxidation and other excellent features, after annealing can still maintain good operability. Especially stress-free corrosion cracking tendency, its good weldability, good cold workability
2, In the process of customer cooperation, Jinyang Aluminum  6061 aluminum palte customer summary of the specific requirements are:
(1) require a small thickness of the board tolerance (generally positive tolerance).
(2) hardness to the standard (HB above 95 degrees).
(3) deformation after processing to be small.
(4) flatness is better.

Market Application

6061 is commonly used for the following:
construction of aircraft structures, such as wings and fuselages, more commonly in homebuilt aircraft than commercial or military aircraft. 2024 alloy is somewhat stronger, but 6061 is more easily worked and remains resistant to corrosion even when the surface is abraded, which is not the case for 2024, which is usually used with a thin Alclad coating for corrosion resistance. Yacht construction, including small utility boats. Automotive parts, such as the chassis of the Audi A8. some tactical flashlights aluminium cans for the packaging of food and beverages.
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