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Aluminum Plate

Applications: aluminum-plastic plate, lamp material, capacitor shell, road signs, building facades and so on
3105 Aluminum Plate3105 Aluminum Plate

3105 Aluminum Plate

Application :Room partition, baffle, sheet metal forming, bottle cap, etc
From quantitative: 3 ton


3105 aluminum sheet with 98% pure aluminum and slight alloy additions for strength. For its contents and processing technologies, 3105 aluminum sheet/coil is light in weight and it has semi-smooth surface. Besides, it is not hardened by heat treatment. All the products Of Jinyang Al. live up to international standards, such as ASTM, EN, JIS, etc. Therefore, quality of 3105 aluminum sheet/coil can also be guaranteed. Jinyang Al. can supply particular specifications at customers’ need besides the following. 


Typical alloys

3105 Aluminum Plate

Material status

O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24

H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38







Typical products

Room partition, baffle,  sheet metal forming, bottle cap, etc



1, good electrical conductivity, in which the addition of 0.3% of the copper element, the conductivity of up to 41%;
2, good anti-rust performance, is a widely used anti-rust aluminum;
3, processing performance, product modeling, long life;
4, strict control of product processing quality, texture, grain structure, composition, product performance to meet international advanced level.

Market Application

Mainly with room partition, baffle, movable house board, gutter and downspout processing parts, sheet metal forming, bottle cap, bottle stopper.

Aluminum for bottle capAluminum for bottle cap Aluminum for room partitionAluminum for room partition Aluminum for bottle capAluminum for bottle cap Aluminum for bottle capAluminum for bottle cap

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