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The Advantages of Aluminum Alloy for High-speed train body

Author:yisainuo Time:2017-10-16

Compared with pure aluminum, aluminum alloy with hardness, low melting point, good corrosion resistance and so on. The use of aluminum, in addition to the above advantages, there are advantages of small density, can reduce the energy consumption of motor vehicles. Therefore, the difference between pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, high-speed rail car body with aluminum alloy material is the main reason is the aluminum light and hard.
Aluminum is high iron to achieve the best lightweight material. The density of the aluminum alloy is about 1/3 of the density of the steel, and the addition of certain elements to form the alloy has a higher strength than the steel alloy. Therefore, the strength of rigidity to meet the safety requirements of high-speed rail cars at the same time, the use of aluminum can greatly reduce the weight of high-speed rail train.
Jinyang Aluminum aluminum alloy has excellent fire resistance and arc resistance. Although the melting point of aluminum is lower than the melting point of steel, but the body of the fire resistance to arc and not only the melting point of the material, but also with the thermal conductivity of the material. Aluminum alloy and steel compared with the excellent thermal conductivity, the heat dissipation is better than steel.
Aluminum alloy has a stronger corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy surface is easy to form a layer of dense oxide film, in the atmosphere has a good antioxidant capacity. So the aluminum alloy than the steel body has a better corrosion resistance, especially the body is not easy to paint the site. At the same time aluminum alloy surface can be chemical coloring, painting, spraying, through these methods can further improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum components.
Aluminum alloy has excellent plasticity. With the large-scale hollow, complex cross-section of the development and application of aluminum plastic materials, aluminum welding technology continues to progress, aluminum alloy manufacturing technology matures. Aluminum alloy is easy to replace, without rust, for a variety of surface treatment, easy maintenance, recyclable features, so that greatly simplifies the manufacturing process, manufacturing required work is also greatly reduced. The light weight of the vehicle increases the energy consumption, reduces the energy consumption, and reduces the maintenance cost. Data show that the weight of the vehicle for each 10% reduction in fuel can save 8%. In the scrap recycling, aluminum products can achieve 100% recovery, recycling aluminum recycling can reduce the energy consumption of 95%.