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Aluminum alternative to other metals become a reality

Author:yisainuo Time:2017-10-16

Aluminum resources relative to copper and other metal resources are much more abundant. Copper and nickel and other metals from the static reserves, the current exploitation of speed, only for decades of use around the world. While the existing reserves of bauxite can guarantee mining for hundreds of years. Aluminum resources than other metals available for a long time for the characteristics of the manufacturing industry for the selection of aluminum as a raw material provides a better condition.
Aluminum has good ductility, conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and resistance to nuclear radiation, but also a good reflection of ultraviolet light, easy processing and mixed with other metals to form alloy materials. These characteristics of aluminum and copper nickel and zinc and other metals similar, so in many ways can replace each other with these metals.
Aluminum price performance ratio in the current market price structure has been more and more attention under the industry, aluminum alternative to other metals in the current spread is still too large circumstances will soon become a reality, which will lead to aluminum consumption Of the growth.
The substitution of aluminum for other metals will contribute to global aluminum consumption growth.
It is estimated that only aluminum wire part of the replacement of copper wire will increase the consumption of aluminum more than 200,000 tons. And if the amount of aluminum per car from the current 115 kg to 130 kg, then the world each year tens of millions of new vehicles will increase the consumption of aluminum more than one million tons. If aluminum and aluminum alloys are considered alternative to other metals in building decoration, household appliances, utensils, and stainless steel, the resulting increase in aluminum consumption worldwide will be measured in millions of tons.